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Hey Wassup, I'm Swizzle a professional vendor out at Websters Flea Market. Today I'm going to give you a brief walk-thru on my current top selling items for me at my market. Now for starters I do not sell or carry any Vaporizer Pens at the moment  due to so many repeat customer complaints. The customer is always right. So I've discontinued them in my store.  I've sold anywhere from 10.00 dollar vape pens to 200.00 dollar vape pens and its the same old story after a couple weeks. Customer after customer standing in front of me with the shit face talking bout I need to replace a part. Its not hitting right. Well let me tell you all Vape Pens are cheaply made in a Chinese sweat factory and they are the biggest rip off items since regular weed came to existence 10000 years ago. Now  If you happen to come cross a vape pen you think stands to the test feel free to comment so I can check it out and update this blog.
So today my list of items contains smoking gadgets that I have sold and no one has ever complained about it. The worst thing that can ever happen as a vendor / small buisness owner is a customer complaint while other potential customers are present. So I'm very precautious about what items I sell. First thing first before we get started on our quest I have a question.
Are you a heavy hitter or a light hitter? Think before a second before you answer, I know I know. Most people are going to say heavy hitter. I bet not I guarantee I have a edible that will knock you right on your ass cheeks. Its not to often I have a honest guy with his girl standing in front of me saying, " dude I get stoned off of one hit".I mean if you a light hitter then hey you just a light hitter at the end of the day if you answered light hitter sorry dude you on the wrong blog. I only sell heavy hitting shit at my booth in my store and on my website. Excuse the language but this is how I interact with my customers at my booth. I mean my job is to make sure your getting the perfect high and getting the best bang for your buck items I would assume this is a serious matter we are talking about smoking weed right. I would hope we are on the same page.  Ok so I'm here for the wake in bake cant function straight every day 420 mother fuckers and If you are looking for a multi-functional electronic vape pen that actually works for dabs oil and dry herbs I got news for you bro that pen doesn't exist. I can go on and on for days why I wouldn't buy a vape pen but that's another subject today we're here to discuss

One Stop Shop 420 and Trends


1.Cigarette Holder Ring

Wow, this little guy for 5 bucks on One Stop Shop 420 and Trends website is amazing " comes "in handy all the time especially while driving. This little gadget is every gamer best friend. I personally never leave home without mine. 100% guarantee you will fall in love with this gadget immediately. You will find yourself using the cigarette holder all day Nonstop for your blunts while texting on the phone.

Aluminum Funnel Grinder

funnel grinder how to use 2018 best trending smoking gadgets

It could not be any easier; Simply place the desired amount into the aluminum top, rotate, and allow the titanium double helix below to funnel the plant material into the desired apparatus. When not in use, a small rubber plug can be used to keep material contained while a rare earth magnet keeps the top firmly in place.

Fidget Spinner Grinder

Join into the fun with today's most popular trending device the fidget spinner grinder is perfect for stoners this device comes in handy when you are one of your buds had a bit more to handle.

Prometheus Pipe

Comes apart easy to clean multi-function dabs or dry. After 9 hard forceful drops "a steel pavement" the top bowl did indeed finally crack but the bottom bowl, not a scratch. Yes, this device is worth every penny. You can purchase add one's for this gadget. A "dabs nail" attachment tools fit perfect. Seen these babies online as low as 85.00 and as high as 140.00 dollars. One Stop Shop 420 and Trends currently has it's on sale on the low for only 44.95.




Silicon Hand Pipe for dry herb or dabs with dab tool and storage container.


Currently my best seller. Burn up all your roaches in take the best heavy hitting hit ever. This is my top heavy hitting pocket device ever. Blow yourself a gun with the IncredibowlM420 easy to use just pack the bowl pull the trigger to carb out aka step on the gas pedal to blow yourself the best shot gun ever.

Twisty Blunt by 7pipe

The Twisty Glass Blunt has a unique infini-cherry to avoid having to light the blunt again and again. Twisty Blunt comes with a premium 2mm thick glass that is ready to give you a clean pull every time. Pack up to 1.5 grams of whatever you want into the glass tube and spin the screw counter-clockwise into the tube.


 "Welcome to the future of smoking." The Genius Pipe is one of the most original hand pipes on the market today. This intelligent little pipe uses three simple pieces to generate extremely cool hits using metal ridges to diffuse smoke. The two main pieces contain the metal ridges and are held together using four strong magnets at the corner. These pieces separate mainly for the convenience of cleaning, allowing the Genius Pipe to be soaked in alcohol and warm water for an easy clean. The third piece is the metal slide on the front of the piece, which is used to reveal the mesh bowl. The bowl is lit through the cutout design on the slide, and can be slid down to quickly extinguish the flame. This pipe is perfect for the smoker who likes to keep up with the latest gadgets, the discreet smoker who is looking for a pipe that can easily slide into any bag or pocket, and the on-the-goer who is needs a portable pipe that can give cool hits. 

Swizzled Out Socks

swizzled out socks best trnding items 2018






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